Blender head dynamic manuel application

Blender head for casting two or three-component polymers. Productivity up to 4 l/min. All components with liquid sealant flushing to prevent crystallization. Flushing manual or per automatic cycle.

Successful further development of the commercially available blender head; robust and very reliable with stable outstanding blend quality.

Blender head dynamic, 3 - K automat

The two components in the correct blending ratio are fed into the blending chamber and mixed there. As a specialty a third component, gaseous nitrogen, is fed in via a flow meter and mixed in homogeneously to form a foam with high electrical insulation properties. After the casting process, the chamber is flushed out with a poison-class VOC-free flushing fluid.


- Superb mixing
- Homogenous insulating foam
- Minimal flushing medium consumption (approx. 100 - 200 g. per flushing)
- Superb cleanliness after flushing, long service life
- Blender head height automatically adjustable 2m
- Productivity up to 4 kg/min
- All valves with liquid sealant flushing to prevent recrystallization
- Service friendly
- Optional - additional two components

Blender head dynamic 3 components

Polyurethane foam is mixed with this blender head. Of course, other components can be blended as well. Productivity is 20 kg/min. max. The blender cells can be mounted individually depending on the required blending quality.

Blender head dynamic 5 components / 2 systems

Blender head for the dynamic blending of two-component epoxy resins and three-component polyesters. This blender head can blend either two component epoxy resins in a blending ratio of 100:50, or a three-component polyester system in a blending ratio of 100 : 1.5 : 0.75.

Some data and advantages::

- 2 systems firmly connected and locked together
- Extreme differences in viscosity can be blended without difficulty
- Extreme blending ratios can be handled
- All valves with liquid sealant flushing to prevent recrystallization
- Blending cells can be mounted individually depending on the required blending quality
- Superb cleanliness after flushing - poison class VOC-free
- Productivity up to 150 kg/min !!!
- Very easy maintenance
- All components with flow rate measurement, and computer-memory controlled with menu control
- Dimensions: diameter approx. 80 cm x 120 cm high, weight approx. 150 kg.

Static/dynamic blender head

This blender head is a combination of the two systems. The two components are pre-mixed in the dynamic section; the viscosity is balanced and then mixed in the static blender. The blender must be either flushed out or disposed of after casting. As a result of current technology this option occurs less often.

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