2K - Metering Systems

Simple level, condition: Use of Praezisionszahnradpumpen

Support of the components with a drive.

Ratio firmly ended. Coupling of the pumps through tooth-belts. Advantage: favorably, absolutely certainly in the ratio. Disadvantage: Ratio can be adjusted only with expenditure.

Support of the components with 2 drives.

Each pump is connected with a drive, that headed by means of Frequenzumrichter, ratio can be programmed. Advantage: flexible in the ratio. Disadvantage: According to torque-demand of the pump, the ratio can deviate something.

Middle level, condition: Use of Praezisionszahnradpumpen

Support of the components only with 2 drives.

Installation SPS - steered. Drives regulated by means of PID - regulators. The two components become from the SPS - regulated with speed-return. The material-river can record as Diagram and/or as value is recorded. The torque-demand of the pumps doesn't have any influence on the promoted quantity. If the speed deviates from the allowed tolerance, so the installation relaxes automatically.

Advantage: Outstanding price / accomplishment-relationship. Precise ratio of the entire area. Mixrelationshipfluctuations smaller 0.5 percent.

Disadvantage none!

Topmost level, condition: Use of Praezisionszahnradpumpen

Described installation like above, however, with flow-knife. The return is not based on the speed but after the current flow. Protokollierung like above described. Mixrelationshipfluctuations smaller 0.1 percent.

Advantage: Precise mixture with complete supervision of the ratio. 100 percent of process-control.

Disadvantage: Dearly in the purchase.

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