Hybrid systems

We process two-component polymers over an enormous range, i.e., very small shot sizes of 1 gram per minute going up to 100 kg per minute with various blending systems!! These quantities can be produced continuously or step-wise. The components are in a cold liquid state, or are heated from a cold solid state, melted, and then fed and blended.

Fundamentally, there are two types of blending, static and the dynamic, or a combination of the two.

Description: Static in general

Static blending is divided into two categories. Static blending using a one-time blender which is discarded after use; these have flow lamellas in the blender. The streaming behavior developed by the feeder pressure blends the two components in the blending spiral. These blending spirals are mounted consecutively and produce a blending quality which is adequate for the majority of applications.

Advantage - low investment and a simple blender head.
Disadvantage - use and discard costs of the blender as well as only adequate blending - but in most cases sufficient blending quality.

The other type of static blending comprises many dispersing platelets of different geometry set together as a metal blender. These have to be flushed out and are expensive to purchase. But they produce a far superior blend quality.

Advantage - high blend quality, simple blender head, low operating costs
Disadvantage - blender is expensive to procure, flushing-medium consumption

Dynamic in general

Dynamic blending is the best with a remarkably high homogeneity of the casting material. Very small amounts of additional material can be mixed in; large differences in viscosity can be handled without difficulty, but this does entail higher investment costs. The size of the blending chamber is set according to the amount of casting material and has to be flushed out.

Advantage: Superb blending, low material usage costs
Disadvantage: Need for poison class and VOC-free flushing fluid, procurement more expensive.

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