The complete equipment comprises an extruder unit and a charging station. This unit is a special development for one of our customers. The extruder unit can be used for casting bridges for supporting pipes and connectors with a two-component substrate. The extruder comprises a feeder and a metering unit; resin holders and setting agent holders can be plugged in at the rear of the unit. This outstanding construction makes it possible to introduce them into any feeder line. The recharger unit offers rapid recharging at the operating point. The extruder can be simply mounted on the unit and then be coupled to both the charger units. The special construction rules out any incorrect charging.

Meter mix and dosing unit and refilling unit.

Meter mix and dosing unit in refilling position.

Meter mix and dosing unit in service position.


Application Swissrobby

Drain pipe before renewal.

Drain pipe after renewal.


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