RTM (Resin Tranfer Moulding)

Processes to injection cast in a closed mold in which the reinforcing material has already been introduced (glass fibers, carbon fiber matting, etc.) with reactive liquid polymers. In particular, a customer requirement for a special process was developed (with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich) for the careful transfer of resin into a mold containing fiber composite parts which prevents any movement of the pre-loaded fibers.

This picture shows a carbon fiber reinforced bicycle frame made using the RTM process. This is still lying in its original position after opening the half-mold. A polyurethane foam casing serves as matrix for the carbon fiber reinforcement and the metal casing. Primarily dynamic blending of the components, which expand more or less after their chemical reaction; this foam is used for insulation of tubing or insulation parts against heat or cold, foaming of equipment in the packing industry.

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