Static mixing head manuel

The two reactive liquids are fed independently into the blender head via separate component lines. This has a low content and is free of any type of dead space and has optimal flow properties. The head is small, handy and maintenance-friendly. It is fitted with a component pull-back which obviates any post-dropletting. The blender parts are firmly mounted in the head where their dimensioning is of critical importance for the blend quality. Depending on the application, we are in the position to optimize this to achieve the best possible cost-productivity ratio.

3K blender head static automat

This picture shows a static blender head on an automatic unit. Two components are fed in hot and blended with a heated blender head and steel static blender. All the components can be fed separately via blend ratio controls. This is fitted with automatic flushing. The particular feature of this blender head is that the third component (accelerator) must be supplied thermally insulated because of safety considerations.

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