Small Model

Blending and metering equipment is available in a smaller, compact form (Swissmini) which, depending on the requirements, can be operated with a simple manual control system. Even this equipment type can be built with computer-memory control with external signal communication, and be incorporated into a fully automatic production line.

Small model - ideally suited for an entry into machine casting. The pumps are supplied with sealing compound through the gravimetric flow of its components from their containers. These require the exact mixing ratio to be delivered to the metering head. This equipment is extremely popular with our customers because of its simplicity of operation. Equipment with many options, here are a few of the advantages

- Equipment stationary (table model) or mobile with support
- Topping up of the components by simply lifting the covers, during casting operations too.
- Blending ratio set fixed
- Metering head with component return traverse
- Operation without flushing
- Practically service-free
- Simplicity of operation

Also stylistically attractive equipment with many special features. This unit is equipped with computer-memory control as well as with automatic degassing (middle level). One of the components is being heated.

Some features of this equipment

- Complet memory controlled system, simply operated by menu-control
- Fully automatic degassing of the container
- All degassing parameters can be programmed
- Manual recirculation
- Blending ratio programmable
- Rate of feed and shot size programmable
- Many special features in control technology

Application Swissmini

Small model with many special technical features. Applicable for production or laboratory application. Relatively low productivity.

Some features

- Small, compact and high technical level
- Computer-memory control with many features, menu driven
- Manual recirculation
- Heating of both components
- Blending ratio programmable
- Pressure control

- Casting spray cans for the foodstuffs
- Ex. safeguarded space
- Production in large quantities
- Process integrated

- Cast of small amount in the sensor industry
- Mixed components available at any time

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