The two-component blending and metering equipment of type Swissmix with the revolutionary system which we have patented.

The holders and pumps are integrated into one unit in this outstanding design. This can be easily disassembled by hand - without the need of wrenches or anything similar - and be completely cleaned in a few minutes. The blending head and component hose lines are completely cleaned out in one short automatic cycle. As a result of this short cleaning time (max. 15 min.) short production runs - even a product changeover in the same machine from e.g., polyurethane to epoxy - can be made economically. It operates with a service pressure of up to 100 bar.

The mechanical construction and the electronic control system permit an exact and continuously variable setting of the blending ratio - with an indicator for the current ratio - to be made in seconds and without run-in losses. It is now possible for the first time to process abrasive fillers without wear problems.

The blending ratio can be set continuously from 100:150 to 100:5. Shot size pre-selection with teach-in function is included in the basic model.

This unit was a completely new development specifically made for one customer. In comparison with the standard equipment the container volume was doubled, the feed rate was quadrupled, and the unit equipped with the option of having mixing set statically or (switchable) dynamically, as well as a heating version. The third component can be switched in as alternative.

Application Swissmix

Casting of magnetic coils in medium series with PUR transparent.

Casting of electrical coils from black epoxy resin with the same blending and metering unit. Changeover time 15 min.!!

Working with ATP equipments makes lots of fun. And a clean job.

Casting of with transparent components of electrical coils with transparent PUR on the same machine.

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