The potential of this production series is unlimited, it can be integrated into a fully automated production line. It is, however, particularly applicable for higher technical standards, larger containers, multiple components, higher productivity as well as automatic refilling.

Application Swissmulti

Equipment for casting high voltage connectors with nitrogen foam polyurethane. Automatic recharging from a 200 liter drum. Compressed air blades, variable blending head height +/- 1.5m.

This unit is equipped for casting various polyurethane parts blended with a dynamic blending head. The blending ratio can be simply programmed in. Thus, the Shore hardness of the casting can be adjusted by reprogramming the blending ratio. The unit is equipped for multicolor production (switchable).

Unit for model making of polyurethane castings equipped with programmable blending ratios, and switchable for various colors.

Unit with static blender for joining wooden supports.

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