Swissmulti mit Vakuumkammer zum automatischen Vakuumverguss

A fully automated unit for the blending and metering of heavily abrasive 2-component epoxy resin. The unit was built for castings from 0.2 kg up to 500 kg. The equipment is fitted with fully automated circular indexing table with various locating options as well as manually operated Y and Z axes. The vacuum cover can be automatically raised and swung out.

This turn-key unit was constructed and built entirely from in-house parts. An indication of our capabilities!

Some features

- Blending and metering equipment with automatic degassing cycles
- Various casting procedures
- Resin distributor
- Automatic flushing in the chamber whilst under vacuum!
- Computer-memory controlled with various automatic subprograms - vacuum degassing, casting, flushing, chamber venting and opening
- 62 programmable parameters
- Independent vacuum chamber
- Base vacuum 0.1 mbar, various levels programmable
- Circular indexing table (heavy construction) with manually operated Y and Z axes

At customers' request, we cannot provide comprehensive information at this point. Please call us up, we will be happy to advise you.

Swissmulti with vacuum chamber. This unit was built for the automated casting of epoxy resin magnet coils for the automotive industry. Swissvac with a low level of automation: automatic cycle - automatic casting. Vacuum chamber 10 mbar automated control.


Application Swissvac

Equipment with closed vacuum cover. Evacuation to a certain programmed level and following casting automatically.

Casting of magnetic coils under vacuum in the chamber. The small sprue slot, a special construction of a double nozzle with valves were required.

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