Vakuumverguss + decontamination of the Vergusskomponenten

Low level

De-gassing of the casting compound can be manual or automatic, where a vacuum can be simply generated in the vessel. Afterwards, the vessel is vented and pressurized. Depending on the degree of automation of the blend and metering equipment, this process is controlled automatically via a valve set. Casting is carried out at atmospheric pressure or under pressure in the vessel. This standard is completely adequate in most applications.

Average level

The casting material is de-gassed automatically as described above. The vessel is at atmospheric pressure, or is pressurized. The vacuum level (1000 - 1 mbar, absolute) can be programmed. Casting is carried out under vacuum, however. In the simplest systems the casting nozzle is guided to the casting manually using rod control. Electrically powered X- Y- Z axes and/or a circular indexing table are integrated in ultra-modern automated systems. The parts to be cast are docked using valves and distributor systems and then filled with casting compound. The vacuum chamber can be flushed out under vacuum using our poison class and VOC-free flushing material.

Highest level

Automatic casting as described above, but with continuously driven recirculation pumping of the casting material under vacuum. The holder refilling is carried out automatically, even during the casting process. In such cases the components are sucked into the holders using vacuum, or pumped in, and de-gassed automatically using a thin film de-gassing system.

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